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1 rating

They shaved a chunk of my sons hair and Didn’t let us now. We noticed it when we got home.

1 rating

I came in on Christmas Eve 2020 to get my haircut. I checked in online and got right in the chair. I have been getting haircuts at SportClips for years...In Atlanta and Franklin, IN. This is the first time I've visited this store. Between the lack of communication, the childish managerial staff, and the poorly run operation, it will also be my only visit. But I have some parting words. To Angie: your "managerial" skills are severely lacking. This isn't high school; this is the real world. Out here, being left to run a business that brings in paying customers isn't the same as being put in charge of taking names while the teacher is out of the classroom. A customer conveys to you his dissatisfaction with a haircut and you dismiss him as an annoyance and passively respond with, "Well, it'll grow back. And we're even giving you a free service to come back when it does." Really? If you found glass in your food at a restaurant and were told, "Well, the cuts in your mouth will heal, and when they do, come back and we're gonna give you some free food," would you return (rhetorical question)? But none of this is your fault, really. The owner of this place was short-sighted enough to leave you "in charge," so the blame lies elsewhere. Here's a little piece of advice: Leave your hall monitor badge at home when you come to work, and accept the fact you do not yet possess the skills necessary to "be in charge"...because you're 20-ish and don't have a clue. By owning your faults, you'll discover humility. And that's when you can begin to mature as an adult. To Leah: the haircut you gave me is actually great. You are very nice and professional. You do really good work, and I know you'll continue that in your career as a hair stylist. The issue I had while I was in the store was that it wasn't what I asked for. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The end result is a good one, because the haircut is truly good. However, I asked for an apple and you gave me apple sauce--kind of the same, but not really anything alike. Advice: If you're not sure what your customer is asking for, don't start hacking away at his head with the number 4 clippers until you're certain. To the Owner of This Place: I realize on Christmas Eve there's gifts to buy and places to be, but leaving people like Angie "in charge" of your store while you do your last-minute Christmas shopping is not the smartest business decision. Her and those like her will take your dream of owning a successful business and turn it into a financial nightmare. And with the COVID thing, forget about it. You'll be back to cutting hair at Great Clips, and Angie will be YOUR boss. A little piece of advice for you: Dust off the training videos and re-watch the part where it talks about not leaving inexperienced millennial teenagers to represent your very costly franchise in an already failing industry due to a world-wide pandemic. Other than that, I was very satisfied and would NOT recommend this place to anyone. Go to Franklin SportClips if you want to watch golf while getting your haircut.

1 rating

Left side, long. Right side, short. Back, uneven. Top, good. Overall, looks like a butcher job! Won’t go back.

Rated 2.5 out of 5.0 based on 8 Client reviews

Brian R. | March 6, 2021 Haircut

"They shaved a chunk of my sons hair and Didn’t let us now. We noticed it when we got home."

Craig B. | December 28, 2020 Haircut

"I came in on Christmas Eve 2020 to get my haircut. I checked in online and got right in the chair. I"

Mark W. | November 30, 2020 Haircut

"Left side, long. Right side, short. Back, uneven. Top, good. Overall, looks like a butcher job! Won’"

Spencer H. | November 7, 2020 Overall Experience

"Angie did a fantastic job! This was my first time ever visiting a sports clip. Upon arrival I was gr"

Jaime G. | September 13, 2020 Haircut

"I showed a picture to hair stylist for my 7 year old. She left off the hard part. And my 17 year old"

CW M. | March 10, 2020 Overall Experience

"Have been into Sport Clips Columbus location on 3 different occasions and have been pleased with hai"

Eric B. | February 26, 2020 Service

"Most of the time I've had a good experience here. But the attitude I got from one of the employees, "

Samuel P. | June 27, 2019 Overall Experience

"Kensie was Amazing!! She did an Awesome job on my head and beard as well!! Will Definitely be coming"